"Dedicated to developing businesses"

Early Stage European Venture Capital

We invest in founders who want to disrupt global markets.

Great founders can come from anywhere. We empower leading visionaries and their digital enterprises of tomorrow. We do it by investing in excellent people, teams and ideas providing resources, opportunities, and operational support – creating an environment of success.

We provide early stage growth capital to European technology companies led by ambitious, pioneering entrepreneurs. We adopt a proactive approach, assisting the companies in which we invest to transform their vision into reality. We always look for disruptive ideas and technologies with a global potential.

"Supporting visionary digital entrepreneurs"

We Lead Funding and Acquisition of Large Technology Companies

We are experts in sourcing funds to grow and scale larger technology companies.

With access to capital we are able to expand and globalize companies, implement new efficient structure and management. We have a select and very qualified team of skilled experts and team-oriented leaders with proven track records, who can support or take over from founders or management, in companies that are restrained by capital and resource.

"Open minded"


20 years in the global financial and entrepreneurial environment

Founded in 1998, we have a long track record in investing and working with management teams to maximise returns, building fruitful international corporate ventures and companies. Our team comprises experienced individuals and expert professionals dedicated to developing businesses into international market leaders.
We are trusted with venture capital based on our various backgrounds as successful investors, turnaround specialists, company builders, marketers and scaling experts. The varying backgrounds of our team and close network enable us to call on a wide range of expertise and industry specific knowledge across many sectors.
Aston Ventures is part of a group of businesses with over £1.5 billion of assets under management and administration. Collectively employing more than 350 people. We have offices in the UK, Europe and Middle East offering a range of services spanning across real estate, wealth management, and investment management.

"Evolution into lasting global businesses"


Supporting entrepreneurs and pioneers with great ideas and business opportunities

We look for pioneering entrepreneurs and management teams with great ideas that can evolve into lasting global businesses. We acknowledge the risks associated with early-stage investments, but use our strong competences and significant experience to minimise risk and grow impactful successful companies.


Our focus is on start-ups that address a significant market opportunity and have the potential to scale quickly into global market leaders. We prefer to invest at early seed, seed and series A funding rounds.

Active Investors

Our team has deep operating experience across multiple sectors and support the leaders of the companies we engage with. Our strong belief is that great entrepreneurs build great companies, and that our role is to assist the development of portfolio companies in every area by providing collective operational and strategic input.


Our investments range from £200,000 up to £5,000,000, and we are a long-term partner with the ability to follow our investments through to later stages of finance as companies grow.


We support founders and continue to enable their great work when we fund and scale large international technology companies.

Decision oriented

Our decision-making processes are straightforward, and we are able to respond and work to short timeframes to completion.

"Inspiration & vision"

Investment criteria

Rules are made to be broken

We are not prescriptive in our investment criteria but there are certain key characteristics that are important differentiators:

Clear disruptive business model with revenue generation in mind

Passionate management teams with an inspirational leader

Minimum viable product already in place

Globally scalable businesses

Get in contact if you have a great idea

Please reach out or submit your executive summary to us. We strive to respond within 24 hours.

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Please reach out or submit your executive summary to us. We strive to respond within 24 hours.